Skill Acquisition Motor Learning & Coaching Processes

Motor Skill Acquisition and Learning is Steve's specialist academic field. The research into how we acquire physical skills provides critical information and guidance on how we as learners and coaches should structure training and practice. As is often the case, practitioners and organisations find it difficult to maintain currency as academic and scientific understanding constantly develops. Many methods and approaches utilised in teaching and coaching lag behind, or are even contradicted by, up-to-date research evidence. Indeed, there is is often great resistance to change, particularly in large and complex organisations in which inertia can be difficult to overcome.

Steve is unique in that he has a combination of decades of personal experience in a wide range of sports and activities, coupled to a large number of high level coaching and leading awards covering a great many sports. Critically though, he has been regularly involved in relevant research over the past decade and a half meaning that his 25 year teaching and coaching career has been subject to constant and immediate updating due to his close contact to the academic evidence being produced. The quality of his work has been recognised by the Economic & Social Research Council who funded his two most recent research projects.

Steve is very keen to share his own experience and accrued knowledge and encourages learners and coaches from all disciplines to constantly challenge their own practice. Steve delivers skill acquisition lectures and workshops in a variety of academic and organisational contexts as well as offering a Skill Acquisition and Coaching Processes course on a regular basis. He has been the keynote speaker at the BCU's Level 5 Coach conference - introducing and explaining Interference Effects.

If you are interested in furthering your understanding of contemporary evidence in the field of physical skill learning and wish to enhance your own learning strategies or more effectively assist others, then you should find one of Steve's courses stimulating and beneficial. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Steve; he'll be pleased to hear from you and will do his best to assist.

Skill Acquisition, Motor Learning and Coaching Process CourseEnquiries and Booking

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Dates: 4-5 July 2020

Cost: 195.00


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