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Sea Kayaking Courses:

Skill Acquisition & Coaching Process CourseEnquiries and Booking

Skill Acquisition & Coaching Process Course

Download course information as a PDF - click here

Steve's skill acquisition course provides an excellent base on which to build your coaching no matter what your discipline or present standard.

Skill Acquisition and Coach Education are Steve's academic specialisms. You won't get better guidance anywhere!

The course content is generic to all learning situations and attracts people from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds.

Steve's ability to extend the scope means clients are usually challenged and fully engaged by what they discover on this 2 day course. The content is in advance of any current NGB award.

Dates: 19-20 Dec 19

Cost: £195

BC Coastal Navigation & Tidal Planning CourseEnquiries and Booking

BC Coastal Navigation & Tidal Planning Course

This course covers the theoretical elements of marine navigation in sea kayaks, weather, journey planning, pilotage and much more. It is a pre-requisite for the Sea Kayak Leader award and it (or an acceptable equivalent) must be held before the practical Sea Kayak Leader award training can be taken.

Dates: 11 Oct 19 or on demand as needed.

Cost: £100

BC Sea Kayak Leader Training (previously 4 Star)Enquiries and Booking

BC Sea Kayak Leader Training (previously 4 Star)

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The aim of this 3 day (including the preceding Tidal Planning day) BC Sea Kayak Leader training course is to ensure sufficient personal skills and knowledge to be able to lead coastal journeys in moderate sea conditions. It will cover tidal planning, personal paddling, safety and rescue, boat and equipment, environmental knowledge and leadership.

If you already have the tidal planning element then you need only do day 2 and 3 i.e. the two dates listed here. Please note that the tidal planning course is a prerequisite for the training course.

Dates: 12-13 Oct 19

Cost: £195 (£295 including the Coastal Navigation course)

BC Sea Kayak Leader Assessment (previously 4 Star leader)Enquiries and Booking

BC Sea Kayak Leader Assessment (previously 4 Star leader)

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A 2 day practical assessment under the BC syllabus of your ability to paddle safely and effectively whilst leading a competent group in moderate, coastal sea conditions. This award is a prerequisite for Advanced Sea Kayak Leader, Sea Kayak Coach and L3 Sea Coach.

Dates: 14-15 Sept 19 / 28-29 Oct 19

Cost: £195

BC Open Water Navigation CourseEnquiries and Booking

BC Open Water Navigation Course

This course will introduce concepts and skills required to navigate from your sea kayak in more challenging sea conditions, poor visibility and when remote from recognisable features.

It is a prerequisite for the BC Advanced Sea Kayak Leader training and assessment. It will generally be offered the day before Advanced Sea Kayak Leader training so that the content can immediately be practiced and put to good use.

Dates: 27 Sept 19

Cost: £120

Advanced Sea Leader preparation courseEnquiries and Booking

Advanced Sea Leader preparation course

This three day course, which will include a night paddle, is designed to assist those working towards Advanced Water sea kayak leader (old 5 Star sea). It is not a formal training course which means we can be more flexible to deal with individual needs. It's open to anyone working towards this award irrespective of whether they have done the training or not. You must have all your own equipment and boat suitable for AW. You must also be competent to paddle effectively in AW conditions.

Dates: 13-15 Apr 18 (Oban area)

Cost: £300

BC Advanced Sea Kayak Leader Training (previously 5 Star)Enquiries and Booking

BC Advanced Sea Kayak Leader Training (previously 5 Star)

This is the advanced sea conditions leadership and personal paddling training course. It is a very valuable course for sea kayakers wanting to develop their skills and awareness in more challenging conditions as well as for those who wish to become qualified to lead others in this environment day and night. The course is two days and a night paddle. It will be based in the Oban area.

You must hold the Sea Kayak Leader award or the old SI/Level 3 Sea Kayak Coach award as a minimum to enrol on this course. The Open Water Navigation course is required before training and will be run the day before this course for those who would like to do it.

Dates: 28-29 Sept 19

Cost: £275

BC Advanced Sea Kayak Leader Assessment (previously 5 Star)Enquiries and Booking

BC Advanced Sea Kayak Leader Assessment (previously 5 Star)

This two day, two evening course will assess your personal paddling, open sea navigation, safety & rescue and group leadership in advanced sea conditions day and night against British Canoeing's syllabus.

Dates: Autumn and Spring dates likely. Please call if interested.

Cost: £275

BC Sea Kayak Award Training (the new 3 Star equivalent)Enquiries and Booking

BC Sea Kayak Award Training (the new 3 Star equivalent)

Download course information as a PDF - click here

This course covers the elements of the new Sea Kayak award at this level. Please check the BC website for a full syllabus

Dates: On demand at any time

Cost: On application

BC Sea Kayak Award AssessmentEnquiries and Booking

BC Sea Kayak Award Assessment

Download course information as a PDF - click here

This course will assess the elements covered in training and as listed on the BC syllabus for this award.

Dates: Available on demand at any mutually convenient time

Cost: On application

British Canoeing Guide ModulesEnquiries and Booking

British Canoeing Guide Modules

The BC Guide award is designed for individuals working on and running extended paddlesports trips home and abroad. It is open to all BC members though it is necessary to have held and used a BC leadership award for at least two years before being endorsed as a Guide.

Five 1 day modules are available, aspirant Guides must take a minimum of three. They then follow a period of mentored practice before being signed off as a Guide when they meet the required standard. There is no formal assessment.

Full details can be found on BC's website

Dates: 13-17 May 19 (3 modules as part of Assynt Canoe trip) / 1-14 July 2019 (all 5 modules free as part of the Coulonge River canoe expedition)

Cost: £100 per day module or included in price if taken as part of a sea kayak or canoe trip at £550

BC Coastal Sea Kayak awardEnquiries and Booking

This is the new BC personal performance award for sea kayaking on moderate water. The environmental remit and personal skill level is exactly as the sea kayak leader award , though without any leadership element.

Dates: 5-6 Oct 19 / 14 Oct 19 (assessment only). Also available on demand at any convenient time.

Cost: £195 (training & possible sign off), £100 (assessment only)


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