For many people who enjoy the outdoors a central element of their experiences comes from the ability to reconnect to the natural world and to escape from our increasingly frantic and urbanised lifestyles. Steve's deep affinity with the outdoors has led to a steady accumulation of knowledge and expertise over many years. This experience has been bolstered by the formal study of Ecology, Environmental Studies and Landscape Studies at Masters Degree level. Steve has taught all of these, along with Geology, for many years and has been running his week long Ecology trip on the Isle of Rum for the last five years.

The Rum trip has become an annual highlight and every year provides fantastic experiences and surprises for those fortunate enough to be there. Last year's memorable trip was rounded off by a pod of bottlenose dolphins bow riding the ferry to escort us back to the mainland - a wonderful memory for us all.

If you're interested in this highly practical and exciting week of environmental (and perhaps personal) discovery on this magical island click on the link below

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