If you are developing your leadership qualifications in canoeing then we have just the course for you.

Canoe Leader Training

These are the new environment specific British Canoeing training courses in moderate water conditions for those wishing to develop the necessary personal paddling, group management and safety skills to be effective leaders.  You can opt to take either the open water training day or the white water training day in isolation, or you can do the two days consecutively.  The assessments for these two elements will now always be separated and exist as two qualifications in their own right.

Cost £135 per day.
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“Hi Steve, I just wanted to say thank you for the course it was brilliant. I had a great time and learned a massive amount! I realised a while ago that I’d dropped the ball in terms of developing my own coaching/leading and it was great to get some new ideas and critique on my skills, now all I’ve got to do is put it into practice!! I have certainly left the course with a renewed enthusiasm for improving and analysing my own coaching.

My experience was very different to my colleague’s (also a PE teacher). His 4 Star Leader course last week covered minimal leadership skills but instead focused primarily on individual strokes and getting each one ‘demonstration perfect’. This has provided us with a very useful comparison and I have to say that your holistic approach is both powerful and memorable.”

Tom Hughes, PE Teacher, Devon

Canoe Leader Assessment

Moderate water Canoe Leader awards are now divided into open water (up to 500m from shore) and white water (grade 2). This means that individuals wishing to specialise in only one environment will be able to gain the specific award they require following a single day assessment.  Anyone wishing to lead on white water and open water will need to take both assessments, though these do not need to be done on consecutive days as was previously the case.  A further significant change is to the assessor/candidate ratio which is now 2 candidates maximum.

Whilst the new system will permit much greater flexibility to work with candidates’ availability and area of paddling, Steve will still identify and advertise potential dates for assessments as well as being available to provide the courses on a date and at a venue matching a candidate’s needs – just get in touch to discuss your requirements.

When you enrol, Steve will be happy to discuss your course in advance so you can ask questions and ensure you know exactly what to expect so you can be as well prepared as possible. The White Water Safety & Rescue course is a prerequisite for Canoe Leader assessment candidates (see below for course dates).

Cost £275 for one candidate, £350 for two (necessary travel and accommodation for Steve on non-local courses may entail additional costs)
Dates Under BC’s new system assessments are now agreed with candidates on demand.  Please call Steve to discuss a mutually convenient date and the assessment process, he’ll do his best to support you prior to any assessment.
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“Hi Steve, Just a quick thank you for another excellent weekend’s paddling, made even better by coming away with a certificate. The organisation was spot on, group members excellent, weather amazing, assessors really easy to get on with, all in all thoroughly enjoyable.”

John Ellerton, Outdoor Instructor, Gateshead

Whitewater Safety & Rescue Course

This attendance only course aims to provide grade 2 white water paddlers with the knowledge and skills required to prevent, avoid and deal with river incidents. It is a prerequisite for those wishing to undertake Canoe Leader and White Water Kayak Leader assessments, though is also highly recommended for anyone wanting to paddle safely on rivers.

Cost £235
Dates Autumn dates will be posted in due course.
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“Hi Steve, Just to say a massive thanks for the 2 days in and even on the river. I really really enjoyed the challenge and all that I took from the course. I also enjoyed the paddling on day one and the various challenges set. All in all a top course, plenty of content and plenty of challenge – I had a fantastic time!”

Steve Crane, Ripon

Advanced Canoe Leader Training

These are the advanced water leadership training courses. They are valuable courses for canoeists wanting to develop their skills and awareness in more challenging conditions as well as for those who wish to become qualified to lead others in these environments day and night. British Canoeing have now divided these courses into advanced open water and advanced white water elements.  These can be taken separately or combined as you need.  They can also be run on demand.  The open water course takes place over a day and evening, the white water course is day only.

You should be comfortable paddling in either exposed open water with waves and strong wind and/or grade 3 white water depending on your course choice.  Please call Steve to discuss the course before enrolling.  For your safety and the safety of other participants a current White Water Safety & Rescue certificate is required before training. Steve runs WWSR courses should you need to update.

Cost £215 (open water, day and night course), £140 (white water course).
Dates Steve has no courses planned at present.  Please call to discuss your needs.
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“Hi Steve, Thanks very much for the wonderful two day training course in the Alps – everyone had a great time!”

Andy Gibbs, Paddlesports Instructor, PGL

Advanced Canoe Leader Assessment

These are the assessment courses for the BC Advanced Canoe Leader (open water) and the Advanced Canoe Leader (white water) awards.  They will assess navigation, safety, rescue and group leadership skills day and night against British Canoeing’s syllabus in the specific environments. The two assessments are now separate, free standing awards which are taken in isolation.  The Open Water assessment is a day and an evening (in darkness); the white water assessment is a daytime course.  British Canoeing have now imposed a ratio of 1 assessor to 2 candidates maximum.  This means that the tests can be run on a more bespoke and personalised basis.  Please call Steve to discuss dates and venues.  He will be able to explain the course process in detail with you beforehand so you can ask questions and ensure you know what will be expected.

Cost Open water assessment (including night exercise) £300 (1:1), £175 (2:1).  White water assessment £270 (1:1), £150 (2:1).
Dates These assessments will be on demand.  Please call Steve to discuss your needs.
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“Hi Steve, Thank you for putting up with me being a nervous wreck. It was really good that I managed not to let negative thoughts destroy everything, the way you ran the assessment made this possible … I think it was the things you didn’t do that made the difference. You didn’t create that doom laden atmosphere … because it is an assessment! Anything like that would almost be a trigger to confirm self doubt. You didn’t create an artificial ‘gravitas’. It was just like going paddling. Also the clients you chose were all really lovely people which made a big difference.”

Lizzie Harrington, Outdoor Education tutor, Richmond