Steve is qualified to meet any personal caving requirements you may have. Whether you are interested in an introductory caving experience, developing your personal caving skills or exploring more complex systems he’ll be pleased to hear from you and happy to help. There is absolutely no need to get wet, cold or to spend ages cramped and crawling in uncomfortable spaces; there are plenty of dry and spacious venues for you to enjoy and marvel at, so come along and give the dark side a go.

Caving Private Tuition and Guiding
Cost £300 per day for 4 people maximum
Dates By arrangement at any mutually convenient time.
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“My friend and I went on a customised caving and climbing weekend with Steve. Given that one of us was frightened of heights, the other of confined spaces, this presented a few challenges! Steve’s calm, considered approach to all of this promoted a sense of trust that allowed us to overcome our anxiety and thoroughly enjoy the experience as well. His understanding of the psychology of learning and his obvious ability to apply it surely sets him apart from many others in his field. I found my experience liberating and energising – it certainly helped me deal with everyday challenges the subsequent working week. I’ll definitely be going back for more!”

Dr. Jenny Roe, Edinburgh