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Steve is an experienced provider of caving qualifications.  If you are in need of training or assessment for BCA awards he’ll be pleased to hear from you.  Call for a discussion.

BCA LCMLA Level 1 training

This two day training course covers the caving skills and knowledge necessary for leading others in simple, horizontal caves. It will be delivered in Steve’s usual, highly practical and learner centred manner.

You must have registered with the BCA on the LCMLA scheme. The BCA website provides the full syllabus for this award.

Cost £225
Dates 17th & 18th Jan 2022 / 19th & 20th Jan 2022
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“Evening Steve, Thank you. I really enjoyed the course and have learnt loads. I was very impressed with the quality of the experience, especially the invaluable, constructive in depth feedback that I received. I will definitely be recommending you to other outdoor practitioners.”

Noel Cochrane, Deputy Head of Centre, Whitehough OEC.

BCA LCMLA Level 1 assessment

Assessment for this award comprises 2 separate days (Core Skills & Group). Steve can assess you for either and will run your course in such a way as to permit you to perform to your potential. He also offers a discussion about your assessment day beforehand so you can ask any questions and ensure you know what the day will entail.

Cost £225 (£150 per head if Core Skills done as a pair of candidates)
Dates By arrangement at any mutually convenient time.
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“Hi Steve, Many thanks for the feedback. I have to say your feedback on the day, and that you’ve sent, is superb and very useful. All I can say is thanks for your understanding and the realisation that I find assessments so damn stressful. Many thanks.”

Danny Phillips, Outdoor Instructor, North Wales

BCA LCMLA Level 2 training

As for Cave Leader but for vertical systems with simple pitches of 18m maximum. The environmental knowledge covered at Cave Leader is assumed so that the focus can be placed on the technical training required at this level as well as the leading of others in this environment.

You must have registered with the BCA on the LCMLA scheme and have completed Cave Leader training as a minimum. The BCA website provides the full syllabus for this award.

Cost £225
Dates 15th & 16th March 2022
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“Hi Steve, thank you very much for the great course and comprehensive feedback, I’ve just put it in my logbook and can’t wait to exchange it for a ‘fully passed’ version. Thanks also for the notes on development issues; I took copious scribbled notes at the time and have commented to a number of people since, that yours was the most thorough (least brief!) debrief I’ve come across in any NGB award! I’m sure, in relation to your comment at the start of the day, that I have moved further along the line between “novice and god in a cave” after last week’s positive experience. Many thanks again.”

George Plant, Head of Centre, Carlton Lodge OEC, Thirsk

BCA LCMLA Level 2 assessment

This course consists of 2 separate assessment days (Core Skills & Group day), Steve can assess you for either.

Steve is renowned for the quality of his assessments and, in particular, the support and feedback provided to candidates. When you book you will also be offered the opportunity to fully discuss your day in advance so you can be as well prepared as possible.

Cost £225 (£150 per head if Core Skills done as a pair of candidates)
Dates By arrangement at any mutually convenient time.
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“Hi Steve, Thanks for a great assessment yesterday and the speedy return of my paperwork. The assessment was fantastic, from the moment I booked, the support and guidance given was first class with pre assessment chats on the phone I was fully aware of everything I would be expected to do on the day; the assessment day itself was highly focused, highly professional yet your friendly relaxed approach put me at ease instantly, allowing me to concentrate on performing well and forget about assessment day nerves. You provided an extremely detailed debrief and continued development plan at the end of the day with the offer of continued support only being a phone call away. I would go as far as to say the most professional and supportive atmosphere of any course I have ever been involved with.”

Dan Irving, Outdoor Operations Manager, High Adventure OEC, Keighley

BCA Local Cave Leader revalidation

This is the compulsory update day which all Cave Leaders have to attend at least once every 5 years. There is no ‘grace’ period and those who miss the deadline for updating will lose their qualification.

Course content is flexible to meet the needs and award level of those attending.

Cost Enrol and pay directly with the BCA.
Contact Mary Wilde at trainadmin@british-caving.org.uk
Dates 17th May 2022
(Courses are allocated to trainer/assessors on a rota basis, so there may be significant gaps between Steve’s advertised dates)
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“Hi Steve, Thanks very much for a really great revalidation course. It was very relaxed and I learnt absolutely tons thanks to your charismatic and very practical teaching style. I’m now really excited to keep it up and develop my skills further.”

Jude Latimer, Outdoor Instructor, Austwick