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British Canoeing’s leadership awards are internationally recognised. Steve has been delivering them at all levels and in the three main disciplines for twenty years.

Coastal Navigation & Tidal Planning

A one day theory course covering the essential information required to plan and execute coastal sea kayak trips including weather, tide, journey planning, pilotage and much more. It is very useful for all those venturing out in sea kayaks and is a prerequisite for the Sea Kayak Leader training.

Cost £100
Dates 16 October 2020 / 30 November 2020
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“Hi Steve, Many thanks indeed for the coastal navigation course on Sunday. I found it very informative and useful. You certainly have a vast depth of knowledge and experience. It was a very enjoyable day.”

Steve Kendall, York CC, Wetherby

Sea Kayak Leader Training

A two day British Canoeing training course in moderate water conditions for those wishing to develop the necessary personal paddling, group management and safety skills to operate effectively in this environment.

Cost £195
Dates 17-18 October 2020 / 1-2 December 2020
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“Hi Steve, just to say thanks again. I thought the course was really well structured and had a great balance of relaxedness (if that’s a word) and high quality input. You communicate really clearly, your inputs are really constructive and you created a very supportive environment around us all. I also want to say how very much I appreciated the environmental input – the way you did it – lots of stories about interesting critters etc. – worked really well even with the group not initially all that concerned with environmental stuff; it is so important to raise awareness in all ways possible, and not just use the ocean as a big green/blue gym.”

Dr. Kate Rawles, Outdoor philosopher, Ulverston

Sea Kayak Leader Assessment

A two day assessment course in moderate water conditions for those wishing to gain this British Canoeing professional leadership award. When you book on Steve will be happy to discuss your course in advance so you can ask questions and ensure you know exactly what to expect.

Cost £195
Dates 31 October – 1 November 2020 / 28th – 29th November 2020
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“Thank you Steve. Now my sinuses have properly drained and I’ve had time to reflect on the course / assessment, I recognise just how well you ran things. Despite my nerves, and a couple of unexpected challenges, I had two really good days paddling, learned loads by being out there doing stuff, by observing the other candidates and clients and from the very detailed feedback yesterday afternoon. I honestly cannot think of a single thing that I would choose to change in the way the weekend was delivered, either as a candidate or if I were ever to run such a course. I will keep much of the past two days with me for a long time to come and, oddly, the award feels almost an aside compared to the rest of the experience.”

Barry Curley, BC Guide, Ulverston

Open Water Navigation course

This course will introduce concepts and skills required to navigate from your sea kayak in more challenging sea conditions, poor visibility and when remote from recognisable features.

It is a prerequisite for the BC Advanced Sea Kayak Leader training and assessment. It will generally be offered the day before Advanced Sea Kayak Leader training so that the content can immediately be practiced and put to good use.

Cost £120
Dates 29 Sept 2020, Seil Island, Scotland
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“Hi Steve, … I would also just like to say again what a fantastic course it was (all three days) and will be recommending you to anyone looking to learn.”

Reece Game, Outdoor instructor, Oxford

Advanced Sea Kayak Leader training

This is the advanced sea conditions leadership training course. It is a valuable course for sea kayakers wanting to develop their skills and awareness in more challenging conditions as well as for those who wish to become qualified to lead others in this environment day and night. The course is two days plus a night paddle.

You must hold the 4 Star/Sea Kayak Leader award or the old SI/Level 3 Sea Kayak Coach award as a minimum to enrol on this course. The Open Water Navigation course is required before training and will be run the day before this course for those needing it.

Cost £275
Dates 30 Sept-1 Oct 2020, Seil Island, Scotland
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Hi Steve. I just wanted to thank you for another fun, exciting, testing and developing course. I’ve gone away with so much to work on but also with a load of confidence and enthusiasm to get out there! I really appreciated your calm and supportive manner when I was trying to reenter and roll. One for the action plan!”

Evan Cowen, Outward Bound, Loch Eil

Advanced Sea Kayak Leader assessment

This two day, two evening course will assess your personal paddling, open sea navigation, safety, rescue and group leadership skills in advanced sea conditions day and night against British Canoeing’s syllabus. When you enrol, Steve will be happy to discuss your course with you beforehand so you can ask questions and ensure you know what will be expected. Photo credit: David Brown.

Cost £275
Dates 2-4 Oct 2020, Seil Island, Scotland
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This trip has been a great learning experience and I really want to thank you for all the effort you have put in to help me develop my sea kayaking abilities and the standard of paddling that I have today. – all thanks to you sir!”

Ashish Jonathan, Outdoor activity manager, Hong Kong