We had a great day out in the heat on Barf, Lord’s Seat and in Whinlatter Forest.  Following a brief to avoid the crowds and to provide something rocky, steep and adventurous we scaled Barf straight up from Thornthwaite.  This route is not for the faint hearted or physically unfit (not an issue in our case) as it comprises steep scree and exposed crags.  It did though, meet the requirements and a grand day out was had by all.

Those driving along the A66 past Thornthwaite will likely have noticed the large white rock high on the side of Barf.  Local folklore has it that in 1783 the Bishop of Derry, who was staying in the Swan Inn at the foot of Barf, wagered he could ride his horse directly up to the summit. Unfortunately, the horse fell or died part way up (some versions say the bishop also was killed, though records show he died in Italy in 1803 of gout).  As a memorial to these exploits or, perhaps, the horse, the staff of the inn (and latterly the village residents) painted the prominent rock on the route white, a tradition which has endured to this day.  There is a smaller white painted rock at the foot of the route known as The [Bishop’s] Clerk.  Whatever the truth of the various tales, Barf does provide a route to its summit which is exciting and interesting and which does go past The Clerk and The Bishop enroute.

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