Winter Wind Sculpture

Steve ventured out on what seemed likely to be the last day of Winter conditions as the weather turned to the West with impending storms from the Atlantic.  With the wind speeds already very high and the wind chill severe, a walk from Thirlmere up to Sticks Pass and back over the three Dodds and Clough Head was the order of the day.  Visibility was still excellent despite the mini-blizzard of spindrift blasting across the surface.  Only a few competent and appropriately equipped folk were about in these challenging conditions.

Even in the Lake District, the difference between valley conditions and those experienced on the summits can be very significant – as was the case on this day.  If you would like support to venture into such environments safely and with a very experienced guide, Steve will be pleased to help and advise.  Call him on 07796 213817 or email