Steve’s recent research article, published in Human Movement Science , has been cited and linked to by Distinguished Professor Gabriele Wulf in her pre-Olympic article in The Conversation explaining the importance of an appropriate focus during skilled performance.  Professor Wulf has led the field in attentional focus research for the past two decades and has had a significant impact on the understanding of how performers and learners, as well as those assisting them, can best focus to optimise their movement outcomes; she has also inspired many others, including Steve, to join in this exciting and critical field of work.

The Conversation is an internationally recognised news source for the dissemination of high quality academic research knowledge and its application to all of us.  Steve’s research, using wildwater kayak racing as a medium, is one of six papers cited to highlight the range of accurately measured benefits achieved with an external attentional focus. Steve is currently writing up a further paper on attentional focus which will hopefully be released later this year.  Gabriele Wulf’s article is available by clicking on the image to the left.