Translating Thoughts into Action

Steve’s most recent research has been cited by Professor Gabriele Wulf and Professor Rebecca Lewthwaite in the latest edition of Current Directions in Psychological ScienceTheir paper, entitled Translating Thoughts Into Action: Optimizing Motor Performance and Learning Through Brief Motivational and Attentional Influences, explains the importance of critical motivational and attentional factors in optimising skill development and motor performance.  In particular, they point out the significance of maintaining enhanced expectancies for future performance, performer autonomy and an appropriate external focus of attention.  Steve’s work is cited as evidence of the beneficial effect of maintaining a distal external focus during performance.

Steve encourages anyone interested in developing their teaching, coaching, personal performance or competitive edge to engage with the most up to date scientific knowledge.  Steve runs Skill Acquisition and Motor Learning courses throughout the year which aim to distil the current research into an easily understandable and useable form.  His next two day course is December 20th – 21st and he’ll be pleased to hear from you if you would like to attend.

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Steve’s recent research article, published in Human Movement Science , has been cited and linked to by Distinguished Professor Gabriele Wulf in her pre-Olympic article in The Conversation explaining the importance of an appropriate focus during skilled performance.  Professor Wulf has led the field in attentional focus research for the past two decades and has had a significant impact on the understanding of how performers and learners, as well as those assisting them, can best focus to optimise their movement outcomes; she has also inspired many others, including Steve, to join in this exciting and critical field of work.

The Conversation is an internationally recognised news source for the dissemination of high quality academic research knowledge and its application to all of us.  Steve’s research, using wildwater kayak racing as a medium, is one of six papers cited to highlight the range of accurately measured benefits achieved with an external attentional focus. Steve is currently writing up a further paper on attentional focus which will hopefully be released later this year.  Gabriele Wulf’s article is available by clicking on the image to the left.

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Skill Acquisition course

Skill Acquisition 2

Following on from the publication of his latest paper Steve ran a two day Skill Acquisition course online.  This was a first for Steve but did allow participants to join from the Far East as well as from the length and breadth of the UK.  A stimulating and interesting two days were had with many engaging debates around the topics Steve introduced.

If you are interested in Skill Acquisition in any field and would like to better understand the latest research and its implications for learning and teaching then get in touch with Steve.  He’ll be pleased to hear from you and happy to help.

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Skill Acquisition course

Skill Acquisition course

Steve is running his signature Skill Acquisition course online on the 21st & 22nd December. He’ll be presenting this in his usual way i.e. no Powerpoint, and trying to maintain the usual flexibility and interaction with participants to ensure everyone maximises their understanding of critical factors in learning. For those new to this provision, it will not be a rerun of the information you may have been exposed to on various education courses or national governing body coaching awards. Steve has specialist academic training and knowledge in skill learning and, therefore, how we can aid that process for ourselves and others. He’s keen to communicate and translate the scientific evidence accurately so that it is accessible for learners and coaches of any level and discipline.

The December 2020 issue of Human Movement Science is now published and Steve’s latest academic paper is freely available via the following link until December 25th:

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Skill Acquisition paper published

Human Movement Science

Steve has just had his latest academic paper published in Human Movement ScienceSteve’s research examined the impact of a distal versus a proximal external attentional focus in continuous, open skills – that is, skills which have a repetitive action and in which the participants have to respond to external variables beyond their control (e.g. weather, water conditions, opponents etc.).  Steve’s work demonstrated the importance of a prescribed distal focus if performance is to be optimised.

Elsevier (the publishers) have provided a free to access share link for the first 50 days of publication, so if you are interested in understanding more about critical issues in skilled performance, irrespective of skill level, age, gender and so forth, then have a look here: .

The link will work until December 25th, after that time only the abstract will be visible as Elsevier will then only make it available through purchases and subscription services.  If you have any questions about this or other skill acquisition issues please contact Steve.  You can also consider coming on Steve’s signature Skill Acquisition course which is packed with evidence based information to aid your learning, as well as the learning of anyone whose skills you are helping to develop.

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