Scottish Canoe trip

Steve ran his annual canoe trip in NW Scotland last week.  Some mixed weather enabled us to use our full repertoire of canoeing skills on this multi-day, wild camping journey.  We had several excellent canoe sailing elements, both solo and tandem paddling, poling and also some tracking up gentle, but shallow, rivers.  The wildlife was excellent with regular sightings of black throated divers and golden eagles, though the highlight was when an osprey flew over the camp whilst circling and hunting for fish.  All this whilst surrounded by stunning Torridonian mountains and not a person in sight anywhere – fabulous!

If you would like to try canoeing or develop your canoeing skills Steve will be pleased to assist.  If you’re interested in a canoe trip home or abroad please call to chat to us as we have several exciting trips and can also provide bespoke ones to fit your needs: & 07796 213817