Canoe Leader assessment

Canoe Leader Training

Steve has put on an additional British Canoeing Canoe Leader assessment for the 19th & 20th December.  The course has plenty of interest but some spaces are still available if anyone is in need of this course.  As with all assessments, Steve will be very happy to discuss the course with candidates in advance so they know what will be expected and how the two days will be run.  The assessment will be based in Cumbria; the exact venues will be based on the weather and conditions at the time, though Steve will be able to give you an idea of potential venues.

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Yukon canoe expedition

Wind River Canoe Expedition 2022

Due to the ongoing coronavirus situation, we’ve decided to postpone our canoe expedition down the Wind River in the Canadian Yukon until the summer of 2022.  Whilst we have sufficient interest, both we and our potential clients are still concerned about committing to the trip due to the lack of a resolution to the pandemic in the short term.  We are hopeful we’ll have both a vaccine with a high effectiveness coupled to high takeup of it by 2022 which will permit us to travel more safely.  To replace this trip in 2021 Steve is going to run his Assynt canoe trip in May, as well as an additional week-long canoe expedition in the Outer Hebrides in the subsequent week.  Details are posted on the canoe expeditions page – please get in touch if you are interested in these amazing, remote canoe journeys.

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