Canoe Leader Training Cumbria

Canoe Leader Training Cumbria

Steve has two Canoe Leader training courses coming up in Cumbria: The Open Water training course is on November 21st whilst the White Water version is the following day, the 22nd November.  These courses are suitable both for individuals working towards the British Canoeing leader qualifications, as well as for any competent canoeist who wishes to hone their skills and decision making to keep themselves safer on the water.  For this level of course Open Water is up to 500m from shore in winds up to and including force 4;  White water is grade 2 with occasional 3.  You should be competent to work in these environments under supervision to join either course – if you’re interested and/or unsure please call Steve for a discussion and guidance: 07796 213817 and

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Cumbria Canoeing

Cumbria Canoeing

The warm and wet conditions have made recent river conditions ideal for canoeing.  Not wanting to miss the opportunity we had a trip on the River Greta towards Keswick.  The Greta is a very pretty river with consistent white water all the way to Keswick, it is a more committing excursion in both canoe and kayak requiring a significant level of paddling skill to navigate solo.  It is though, possible to take less experienced paddlers on a tandem canoe journey for at least part of the way down.  This provides a exciting journey through the old deciduous woodland with the opportunity for friends or family to follow and see you by walking or cycling along the often adjacent cycle path.

If you would like to try canoeing, develop your canoeing skills or just to be guided down a stretch of beautiful water, give Steve a call and he’ll do his best to assist:  07796 213817 and

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Canoeing in Cumbria

Cumbria Canoeing

The weather gods have provided excellent canoeing conditions of late, so last week we were able to travel from Derwentwater, on lake and river, by paddling and sailing, in sunny, warm conditions with a very helpful breeze blowing us along.  We encountered dippers, goldeneye and tufted ducks among the abundant wildlife, though didn’t spot the kingfishers on this occasion.

This is a relatively straightforward trip and Steve has no difficulty taking even a novice canoeist on a tandem paddling journey of this kind.  It is possible to continue this trip all the way to the sea at Workington depending on water levels and the time of year, though this would certainly be a full day out.

If you’re keen on a canoeing adventure of this kind, Steve will be pleased to hear from you and happy to help: 07796 213817 and

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Scottish Canoe trip

Scottish Canoe trip

Steve ran his annual canoe trip in NW Scotland last week.  Some mixed weather enabled us to use our full repertoire of canoeing skills on this multi-day, wild camping journey.  We had several excellent canoe sailing elements, both solo and tandem paddling, poling and also some tracking up gentle, but shallow, rivers.  The wildlife was excellent with regular sightings of black throated divers and golden eagles, though the highlight was when an osprey flew over the camp whilst circling and hunting for fish.  All this whilst surrounded by stunning Torridonian mountains and not a person in sight anywhere – fabulous!

If you would like to try canoeing or develop your canoeing skills Steve will be pleased to assist.  If you’re interested in a canoe trip home or abroad please call to chat to us as we have several exciting trips and can also provide bespoke ones to fit your needs: & 07796 213817

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Scottish Canoe trip

Canoe Expedition Assynt

Steve has his annual wilderness canoe trip in Assynt, Sutherland, NW Scotland coming up in mid May (16th -20th).  The trip is definitely running and there are still places available for anyone who would like a five day trip across one of Britain’s most spectacular and unpopulated areas.  It’s a relaxed canoe (or sea kayak) journey linking lochs together to traverse the whole area – Steve has been running it for over 20 years so has a pretty good idea of the best ways to do it whatever the conditions.  A day is built in to allow you to explore the stunning scenery and wildlife, climb the fortress-like Torridonian mountains or sit with wine and a book contemplating the solitude.  On last year’s trip we went nearly six days without seeing another person; at one point we were nearly outnumbered by eagles circling overhead.

This trip is suitable for competent, flat water canoeists and those less experienced if paddling tandem with a more able partner.  We have had children as young as eight come along with a parent too.  It’s also suitable for any touring kayak, such as a sea kayak, that can carry your equipment – we have a sea kayaker on the trip this year so don’t let those dodgy knees, which may be painful in a canoe, prevent you from joining in.

Please contact Steve if you’d like to chat about this trip: and 07796 213817

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Cumbria Canoe Leader Award training (White Water)

White Water Canoe Leader training

Following the Open Water training on March 26th we have the White Water Canoe Leader training day on Sunday March 27th in Cumbria.   This day is suitable for anyone wanting to safely paddle rivers up to grade 2 in tandem or solo canoe as part of a group.  It covers the required personal skills, group management and control, incident avoidance and how to respond effectively when things don’t go to plan.  Equipment and set up will also be covered on this day.  This training course is direct preparation for British Canoeing’s White Water Canoe Leader Award for those who wish to continue to the assessment.  We can issue BC’s Progressive Canoe Award after this training day to anyone whose paddling is at the required personal skill level.

We have some places available on this course so please get in touch with Steve if you are interested or require further information: & 07796 213817

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Cumbria Canoe Leader training (Open Water)

Canoe Leader Training Cumbria

We have the British Canoeing Open Water Canoe Leader training day coming up on Saturday March 26th and have some places available.  This courses is suitable for anyone paddling or sailing canoes or canoe rafts on large bodies of inland water in moderate conditions e.g. some waves and wind.  It covers the relevant personal skills, group organisation, incident management and necessary equipment.  The course also acts as preparation for British Canoeing’s Open Water Canoe Leader assessment for those pursuing this qualification.

For those seeking British Canoeing’s personal skill award at this level (Progressive Canoe Award), we can issue that following this day to anyone paddling at the required standard.

If you’re interested in the course or would like to know more please get in touch with Steve who’ll do his best to assist: & 07796 213817

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White Water Canoe Leader

White Water Canoe Leader

Storm Arwen tried its best to derail our White Water Canoe Leader assessment as water levels rose dramatically and many rivers were blocked by fallen trees.  Fortunately, the levels dropped reasonably quickly and we scouted a suitable venue to check for any unwanted obstructions.  Sunny weather greeted the two candidates who did a good job of leading their group and using all the available features to entertain them enroute – very well done!

If you’re interested in either training or assessment for these awards please get in touch with Steve who’ll do his best to help you.  07796 213817 and

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Open Water Canoe Leader assessment

Open Water Canoe Leader assessment

The recent winter gales relented just long enough for us to run an Open Water Canoe Leader assessment yesterday.  Two candidates braved gusty winds and constant rain to successfully complete the award.  Very well done to both!

The Open Water award is proving popular with those working in the outdoors as it’s the environment they most commonly find themselves leading in.  Steve runs training and assessment for this qualification covering personal paddling in moderate open water, group leadership, travelling using appropriate means (solo, tandem, rafted, sailing), incident management & rescue and appropriate personal & group equipment.

If you are interested in this Canoe Leader award or the white water version please get in touch with Steve who’ll be pleased to hear from you and will do his best to assist: 017687 79412 and

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White Water Safety & Rescue Course, Cumbria

White Water Safety & Rescue

It is the season for white water kayakers and canoeists to get out and enjoy themselves – the rivers have certainly been at great paddling levels this Autumn.  Recent incidents and tragic accidents happening to people going paddling on rivers reminds us of the critical importance of having both a well developed understanding of the potential hazards on WW rivers coupled to a range of strategies to deploy appropriately should things not go to plan.

British Canoeing’s White Water Safety & Rescue course is aimed at those paddling canoes and kayaks on moderate white water (grade 1-3).  It is an attendance only course over two days which helps you identify issues whilst paddling, to make good judgments and decisions, to avoid getting into trouble and to sort things out if they do go wrong.  All WW kayakers and canoeists should take this course.

Steve’s next WWSR course is 24th – 25th Nov, he may also put an additional one on on the 8th & 9th Dec.  Please get in touch if you would like to join in or wish to know more about the content: 07796 213817 and

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