Jersey Sea Kayak trip

Steve has just run a week-long sea kayak trip to Jersey.  This was quite a change from the trips to the West and North of Scotland he usually runs at this time of year.  Everyone enjoyed the warm sunny weather and the almost Mediterranean feel to this most southerly part of the British Isles (it reached 32C on the final day!).  Jersey is not, however, entirely benign, as it sits off the French coast and is subject to the powerful tidal flows which ebb and flow through the English Channel, meaning there are tide races and potentially challenging seas off every headland.  Steve planned trips to take advantage of the flow and to avoid difficult conditions, though without removing the adventure from the days.  Highlights included seeing sunfish off the Grève de Lecq coast; surfing in the Noirmont race; rounding Corbière in ‘interesting’ seas and the final evening BBQ.

If you are keen on extending your sea kayaking or enjoying a sea kayaking trip somewhere new, please check the Sea Kayak section on the website or get in touch with Steve, he’ll be delighted to hear from you and will do his best to help: 07796 213817 &