Shetland Sea Kayak trip

Steve is just back from a fabulous sea kayak trip to Shetland which was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.  The sun shone most of the time and we were able to paddle ten different pieces of coastline including spectacular highlights at Eshaness, Hillswick, Ronas Voe, Sand Voe and, as a grand finale, a stunning day out with a view over Muckle Flugga.  As ever, Shetland supplements such excursions with fabulous wildlife: we had wonderful, up-close views of many species of flora and fauna rare or absent on mainland UK both from our kayaks and whilst exploring on land.

We met lots of friendly and helpful folk during our time in the islands, in particular, Claire at Braewick did a great job of looking after our camping needs, whilst George at Noonsbrough was very kind and helpful as we tried to find a suitable parking and launching point- even making a dovetailed wooden momento which he gave to Steve after our paddle.

If you’d like to get a flavour of our Northern adventures click through the images on the left, all taken on the trip.  If you are interested in future trips to Shetland, sea kayak trips in general or any of the other adventure excursions Steve offers, please get in touch and he’ll do his best to help you.

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Cumbria Sea Kayaking

Steve’s first paddling course since the easing of Covid restrictions was a three day Sea Kayak Leader training course using St Bees, Walney Island and Roa Island.  The course culminated with a great day for everyone at Roa Island, starting with a launch into a flooding 10m spring tide flow and surfing on the wave crossing the jetty by the lifeboat station.

A serendipitous encounter with Mark Tomlinson of MT Headspace led to him filming us with his drone and the production of the adjoining video clip.  Depending on your screen resolution it can be played picture in picture or full screen in HD.

Steve’s next Sea Kayak Leader course is the 11th & 12th May on the Cumbrian coast.  If you’re interested in this course or sea kayaking at any level please get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to help.

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Shetland sea kayaking

Shetland sea kayaking

If you’re already a sea kayaker and are looking for your next adventure with support, Steve has put on two weeks of sea kayaking in Shetland in mid-June.  Shetland is Steve’s favourite place to go sea kayaking as the combination of its geology and position in the North Atlantic has led to a intricate coastline with countless caves, arches, stacks, tunnels and cliffs.  To add to this is the sense of remoteness and the stunning wildlife: you’re guaranteed to see amazing sea birds with the chance to spot some very rare species.  Otters and seals are common and porpoises, dolphins, minke whales and orcas may come our way.  These weeks are suitable for competent sea kayakers; if you’re interested please get in touch with Steve.  Further sea kayak weeks will be advertised shortly for the early Autumn.

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The tides of March

The tides of March

The government is indicating that professional, organised outdoor sport and activity may be able to recommence from March 29th.  Clearly, any such activity will need to be very mindful of the ongoing Covid-19 situation.  Steve is listing courses from this date starting with a Sea Kayak Leader training course as it coincides with spring tides.  However, he does realise that we are all out of practice so has put on further Sea Leader training courses in April and May as well as the attendant Coastal Navigation course.  As per the earlier post the assessment for this award is now significantly changed; Steve has highlighted dates on which he can run assessments, though encourages anyone needing an alternative date to get in touch so he can help.  All Steve’s provision will strictly adhere to Covid-19 rules and procedures to ensure everyone’s wellbeing.

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British Canoeing leadership assessment courses

Advanced Sea Kayak Leader Training

From January 4th 2021 British Canoeing have changed the format of their professional paddlesport leadership assessments to reduce the assessment time, though they have also reduced the ratio so that only 2 people maximum may be assessed at once – and they are encouraging 1:1. The new system allows a more bespoke approach so that assessments can be arranged with and tailored to candidate’s requirements and diaries. Whilst Steve will advertise available dates for moderate water and advanced water assessments in canoeing, sea kayaking and white water kayaking, you can also contact him for alternatives that are more suitable for you.

Most courses can be run anywhere there are suitable conditions, though travel and necessary accommodation outside of Steve’s local area is likely to incur extra cost unless he advertises assessments at specific non-local venues e.g. for Advanced Sea Leader the assessment may be available immediately after a training course run further afield where conditions are more consistently available.  Advanced canoe and sea leader assessments will still include a night exercise, advanced sea will further require a theory examination.

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Sea kayaking the Cumbrian Riviera

Private sea kayak guiding in Cumbria

St. Tropez? Well, not quite, though paddling back into Whitehaven harbour at dusk with a stunning sunset might make you wonder.  A great day out was had all the way around St Bees Head to Fleswick Bay and back with a private client in early November sunshine.  We had spectacular scenery, exciting seas under the cliffs at high water and the whole place to ourselves.  We were also pleasantly surprised to find that Whitehaven outer harbour now boasts a new launching ramp for small craft, making it much easier to get to the water either by carrying boats from the adjacent parking or by using a trolley.

Steve offers private coaching and guiding in sea kayaking, canoeing, white water kayaking, mountain walking, climbing and caving.  If you are interested in trying a new activity or developing your skills he’ll be pleased to hear from you and happy to help.

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Sea Kayak Leader assessment

Sea Kayak Leader Assessment

Steve is putting on an additional Sea Kayak Leader assessment course for the 28th & 29th November based in Cumbria.  There are enrolments on the course but spaces are still available.  The details are up on the website (click here), though please get in touch for more comprehensive information and to discuss the course with Steve.

UPDATE: Due to the latest Covid-19 lockdown we will not be able to run this Sea Kayak Leader assessment on the dates above.  We’re currently looking at rescheduling the course once we’re permitted to operate again and will post the new dates as soon as they’re available.  In the meantime, if you are interested in this course please get in touch for a discussion and so that we know what dates will work best for you too.

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Sea Kayak Leader training

Sea Kayak Leader training

Following a successful Coastal Navigation course which, for the first time, was run both in person and simultaneously on Skype, we had an exciting weekend on the Sea Kayak Leader training course.  Day 1 saw a 10m tide at Roa Island with fast currents and rapidly changing water levels providing entertaining conditions for the trainees.  We also had some great encounters with the Atlantic grey seals, though it was disturbing to see one with a tight band of some kind of waste round its neck which it clearly couldn’t escape from, and another which had lost most of a flipper – possibly from a propeller.  It reminded us, if we needed it, that human activity and waste is having a devastating impact on our oceans and how sea kayakers can see up close and first hand the damage.  On Day 2 we went to St Bees where we had wind and waves at the top of the award remit giving us an exciting day under the 100m high sandstone cliffs.  Overall we had a great breadth of environments and conditions, so thank you to everyone who came to do their courses with us.

Next up we have Sea Kayak Leader assessment at the end of the month, followed by Canoe Leader training in early November.  Space is still available on both events so please get in touch if you are keen on either course.

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Advanced Sea Kayak Leader training and assessment

Advanced Sea Kayak Leader assessment

We ran our Advanced Sea Kayak Leader training and assessment courses from the Isle of Seil and had a great time in a wide variety of exciting and challenging conditions day and night.  The courses were full to bursting, so thanks are due to everyone who decided to take their course with me as well as to Dave Brown for co-staffing them (and for the blog photo).  Many thanks also to Michael at Argyll Kayakers Cove for going to great lengths to make his site Covid-19 safe and for allowing us to use it.  The next Advanced Sea Kayak training course will likely be in the spring, though assessments for all British Canoeing leadership awards are changing from January 2021: I’ll post a separate blog in due course to explain that as I start to advertise those courses, though do feel free to contact me in the meantime for details.  Our next sea kayak events are a Coastal Navigation course and Sea Leader training from the 16th to 18th October, followed by Sea Kayak Leader assessment on the 31st Oct – 1st Nov weekend.  Canoe Leader courses are also coming up soon so please check the website for details.

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Sea Kayak trip to Skye


Many thanks to everyone who came on the sea kayak trip to the Isle of Skye last week; we had a fantastic week in a wide range of environments and locations: Macleod’s Maidens, Loch Coruisk and the huge cliffs of Dunvegan Head were all highlights.  The wildlife also obliged and we had many sightings of sea eagles (flying, perching and feeding), peregrines, shoals of fish, lots of jelly fish species (lions mane jelly in photo) and amazing bioluminescent creatures – which I initially thought to be lightbulb sea squirts but now think may be comb jellies.  Thanks are due also to Syrus and Matt at Kinloch campsite in Dunvegan for looking after us so well and for coping with our last minute rearrangements and requests to ensure everything operated within the updated Covid-19 rules.  Next up we have Advanced Sea Leader courses on Seil and Sea Leader training and assessment in Cumbria.  Next year’s sea kayak trips are set to include a two week trip to Shetland (in June most likely), along with some other weeks away in amazing places.  Keep an eye on the sea kayak trip page for updates or get in touch for a chat about these fantastic adventures.

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