Sea Leader assessment, Cumbria

Sea Kayak Leader training

Steve was out on the Cumbrian coast again yesterday in his National Trainer role for British Canoeing: aspirant trainer/assessors for British Canoeing’s various leadership awards have to follow a process to become qualified to run courses.  Yesterday was an observation of a Sea Kayak Leader assessment and, in excellent conditions for the award, all went well.

If you’re interested in any British Canoeing qualifications, get in touch with Steve who runs personal performance and leadership courses at moderate and advanced level in sea kayak, canoe and white water kayak.  07796 213817 &

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Barrow Sea Kayaking

Barrow sea kayaking

Steve ran two days of sea kayak training for leaders from RAF Cadets.  We had two varied days: firstly paddling at St Bees focusing on personal paddling and managing rocky shores and surf on beaches (we also had spectacular birdlife on the cliffs) and, on day two at Barrow, an emphasis on tidal and estuarine environments, planning, navigation, buoyage and leading.  It was a very enjoyable and informative two days enjoyed by all involved.

If you’d like support to develop or practise your sea kayaking – or even just have a go for the first time, Steve will be very pleased to help you.  Please call to discuss your needs on 07796 213817 or email

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Coastal Navigation & Tidal Planning course

Coastal Navigation & Tidal Planning Course

Steve delivered a Coastal Navigation & Tidal Planning course last week for staff from a centre in the NE.  This course is a prerequisite for the Sea Kayak Leader but its content is relevant and appropriate for all those venturing out onto the sea in small craft (e.g. sea kayaks, sit on tops, paddle boards)  – or even wild swimming in the sea.  The single day covers causes and effects of weather on inshore areas, tides and the prediction of tidal height and current rates, planning coastal journeys using appropriate charts, maps, pilots, tide tables and other important primary information, pilotage, buoyage and much else besides.

Steve runs several of these days every year.  If you venture out onto the sea for your recreation or are interested in professional Sea Kayak qualifications you will find this course very valuable.  If you’d like more information get in touch with Steve for a chat: 07796 213817 and

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Cumbrian Sea Kayak Leader training

We ran a Coastal Navigation course last Friday followed by a Sea Kayak Leader training course based at Barrow and St Bees this past weekend in excellent conditions – we actually had too much wind at Roa Island so had to move further up Walney Channel.  Some challenging wind and waves on the West coast on Sunday were mitigated by warm and sunny conditions meaning everyone had a great day out.

Steve offers Sea Kayak training and assessment for British Canoeing’s awards as well as personal coaching and sea kayak trips throughout the year.  Please get in touch to organise your sea kayak adventure or join in with the ones we already have planned: and 07796 213817

PS If the attached YouTube video doesn’t seem crisp when played on a full screen, you can click on the settings icon and select HD for best video quality.

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Sea Kayak Leader training, Cumbria

Sea Kayak Leader training, Cumbria

Steve is running British Canoeing’s Sea Kayak Leader training course in Cumbria on the 19th & 20th March.  This course is ideal for anyone wishing to venture out on the sea in kayaks either with friends or in a more formal leadership role (Sea Kayak Leader).  It covers the personal skills, trip planning, group organisation and incident management skills required to safely undertake coastal journeys in sea kayaks.  It also provides all the information and knowledge which will be examined for those wishing to continue to the Sea Kayak Leader assessment day.

If you’d like to know more about the course and/or enrol please contact Steve on 07796 21381 or

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Coastal Navigation & Tidal Planning course, Cumbria.

Sea Kayak Coastal Navigation course

We have a British Canoeing Coastal Navigation & Tidal Planning course running on March 18th and have some places available.  This course is based indoors and covers the knowledge and information required to safely plan and undertake coastal journeys in small craft.  It is a prerequisite for those wishing to gain the Sea Kayak Leader award, though is very valuable for anyone venturing out on the sea in sea kayaks, canoes, sit on tops or on paddle boards.

There is no assessment, though British Canoeing will issue a certificate (fee) on completion.  If you’d like to know more about the content please get in touch with Steve who will explain the day to you.

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Sea Kayak Leader training, Cumbria

Sea Kayak Leader training Cumbria

Come and join our Sea Kayak Leader training courses in Cumbria.  Our upcoming event on the 20th & 21st November is running and still has some space.  The following course is on the 4th & 5th of December and also has places available.  Both Sea Kayak Leader training courses are preceded the day before by the Coastal Navigation & Tidal Planning course (classroom based).

Whilst many people who take these courses are intending to work towards the assessment, it’s also the case that a good number use them to enhance their own knowledge and skills so they can make more informed decsions when paddling by themselves and with friends – doing the assessment is not required!  Steve can also take a view on your sea kayak competence against British Canoeing’s Personal Performance Awards in sea kayaking then issue them as appropriate if you meet the required standard over the 2 days.  This would save the cost of attending a standalone course to take these awards.

Steve’s Sea Kayak Leader training is based in Cumbria where we have the full range of coastline types to provide the best possible learning and development.  If you’d like to join please get in touch at or call on 07796 213817.  We’ll be delighted to hear from you and will do our best to support your sea kayaking development.

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Advanced Sea Kayak Leader assessment

Advanced Sea Kayak Leader assessment

Strong NW winds provided big conditions at St Bees to complete an Advanced Sea Kayak Leader assessment.  Faced with difficult launching and landing, powerful surf, a distant break and some very big waves (which had our sea kayaks airborne and pointing skywards at times!), the candidate did a great job of managing two competent paddlers and providing an intense but very positive experience.  They also managed all the staged rescue situations and incidents with aplomb – very well done!

If you’re keen to develop your sea kayaking or sea kayak qualifications at any level from flat calm to as challenging as you want, Steve will be pleased to help you.  Get in touch for a chat about your paddling needs on 07796 213817 and

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Sea Kayaking Cumbria: Barrow & St Bees

Barrow sea kayaking

Cumbria provides some great, though perhaps less well known, venues for sea kayaking.  This past weekend saw Steve taking private clients out round the North end of Walney Island following the fast flowing tide through the North channel past the nature reserve.  They were surprised by its unpopulated and wild nature despite being close to a large town.  Barrow provides many other excellent venues for a day out (image with Piel Castle) whilst Cumbria as a whole has plenty of good coast for sea kayaking:  St Bees has the only cliff coastline between the Great Orme and the Mull of Galloway and is festooned with cliff nesting birds in spring and summer; the huge sandy expanse of Morecambe Bay and the many river estuaries on the coast provide for fast tides and several tidal bores as the incoming water is concentrated in narrow spaces; the North Solway has 6 knot currents on spring tides to carry the adventurous northwards to return on the equally brisk ebb.  These and other Cumbrian paddling sites await those interested in broadening their kayaking horizons.  If this appeals to you Steve will be happy to advise and provide any support you need – just call 07796 213817 or email for a chat.

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Orcadian adventures

Sea Kayak Orkney

Steve is just returned from running his sea kayak trip to Orkney, though the weather did encourage some significant adaptations!  We did manage a paddle from Stromness to the Ring of Brodgar, a day surfing at Scapa Bay and an excellent round of Gairsay (image) where we had some great tidal conditions, archeology and a huge group of grey seals bow riding the kayaks and leaping out of the water.  We also had the opportunity to explore Skara Brae, Kirkwall and the western mainland of Orkney before very strong winds dictated a change of plan.

A check of the weather across Scotland showed the Moray Firth to be the calmest and sunniest place, so we relocated to Inverness and had three further excellent days paddling from Hopeman, on the Beauly Firth and at Fortrose from Chanonry Point to Fort George in the exciting tide races.  We did also manage a really enjoyable night paddle in near perfect conditions from Bunchrew.

Steve’s next sea kayak trips will be in June 2022, one week of which will be in Jersey to make up for the week lost during the first lockdown.  A second, consecutive week will be in Brittany. The dates and details will be advertised on the sea kayak trips page so please get in touch if you’re interested at or 07796 213817.

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