Cumbria Canoeing

The warm and wet conditions have made recent river conditions ideal for canoeing.  Not wanting to miss the opportunity we had a trip on the River Greta towards Keswick.  The Greta is a very pretty river with consistent white water all the way to Keswick, it is a more committing excursion in both canoe and kayak requiring a significant level of paddling skill to navigate solo.  It is though, possible to take less experienced paddlers on a tandem canoe journey for at least part of the way down.  This provides a exciting journey through the old deciduous woodland with the opportunity for friends or family to follow and see you by walking or cycling along the often adjacent cycle path.

If you would like to try canoeing, develop your canoeing skills or just to be guided down a stretch of beautiful water, give Steve a call and he’ll do his best to assist:  07796 213817 and