Vertical Cave Leader assessment, Yorkshire Dales

Steve has been out running a Vertical Cave Leader Core Skills assessment this week in the Yorkshire Dales.  Candidates for this award have to complete a two day training course and gather appropriate logged experience before presenting for two separate assessment days.  The first, Core Skills, examines personal skills, equipment use, rigging for and management of group progression and dealing with any issues that arise.  The second day is an observation of the aspirant VCL leading a group in a vertical cave.  On this occasion the candidate was well prepared and did a good job of demonstrating appropriate Core Skills – well done to them!

If you are interested in furthering your Cave Leader qualifications Steve runs regular courses at both levels and will be pleased to support your progress.  He is renowned for his supportive, client centred approach and for the thorough feedback he provides.  Check the website for upcoming dates or call for a discussion and/or bespoke dates.  All assessments are on demand – call to arrange a mutually convenient date: 07796 213817 and