Family caving day

Family caving day

Steve ran a fun, introductory, family caving day in the Yorkshire Dales in ideal conditions.  A great time was had by all as the venue allowed for wandering along easy cave passage enjoying the environment or, in the case of one 10 year old aspirant caving ‘connoisseur’, the opportunity to delve into every small space they could find!

Caving does offer experiences of all levels to match with individual interests.  There are plenty of venues where straightforward walking and easy scrambling underground is the norm.  If this is an environment you’d like to experience get in touch and we’ll be pleased to help.

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Going Underground

Cave Leader assessment

Not quite as intended by The Jam – and we certainly weren’t in a jam, but last week we did manage to run our first caving course for 15 months.  Perfect dry and warm conditions, coupled to new freedoms, enabled us to provide a Cave Leader assessment in the Ingleborough area of the Yorkshire Dales.  Whilst we adhered tightly to Covid-19 rules, this didn’t prevent the candidate and their group having an excellent day out.  We later also learned that this was the first such course to be run nationally since the easing of lockdown, so we’re pleased to be at the vanguard of what we hope to be more exciting but safe adventures going underground.

If you’re interested in trying caving, or in progressing your caving qualifications, please get in touch with Steve who’ll be pleased to help you.

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