Muckle Roe

The complex and incredible coastline and cliff architecture of Shetland is a result of a combination of geology and a position in the North Atlantic exposed to huge seas on a regular basis.  The sea has exploited any weakness in the rocks, or softer relative to harder rocks, to create caves and to drive tunnels as far as its energy can reach.  These too are subject to erosion and collapse leaving blowholes, stacks and wave cut platforms.  Most of Shetland’s most outstanding coast, from a sea kayaking perspective, faces this prime shaping force, the open ocean – the West.

Muckle Roe’s magical West coast is often difficult to access due to swell, wind and waves, but on this occasion the weather more than made up for previous disappointment and allowed us a long day’s circumnavigation and much exploration of this intricate and spellbinding place.  Some of the group thought this the best day’s sea kayaking they had ever had; it was hard to disagree.

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