Canoe Expedition Assynt

Steve has his annual wilderness canoe trip in Assynt, Sutherland, NW Scotland coming up in mid May (16th -20th).  The trip is definitely running and there are still places available for anyone who would like a five day trip across one of Britain’s most spectacular and unpopulated areas.  It’s a relaxed canoe (or sea kayak) journey linking lochs together to traverse the whole area – Steve has been running it for over 20 years so has a pretty good idea of the best ways to do it whatever the conditions.  A day is built in to allow you to explore the stunning scenery and wildlife, climb the fortress-like Torridonian mountains or sit with wine and a book contemplating the solitude.  On last year’s trip we went nearly six days without seeing another person; at one point we were nearly outnumbered by eagles circling overhead.

This trip is suitable for competent, flat water canoeists and those less experienced if paddling tandem with a more able partner.  We have had children as young as eight come along with a parent too.  It’s also suitable for any touring kayak, such as a sea kayak, that can carry your equipment – we have a sea kayaker on the trip this year so don’t let those dodgy knees, which may be painful in a canoe, prevent you from joining in.

Please contact Steve if you’d like to chat about this trip: and 07796 213817