CumbriaSea Kayak Leader training

Following a successful Coastal Navigation course which, for the first time, was run both in person and simultaneously on Skype, we had an exciting weekend on the Sea Kayak Leader training course.  Day 1 saw a 10m tide at Roa Island with fast currents and rapidly changing water levels providing entertaining conditions for the trainees.  We also had some great encounters with the Atlantic grey seals, though it was disturbing to see one with a tight band of some kind of waste round its neck which it clearly couldn’t escape from, and another which had lost most of a flipper – possibly from a propeller.  It reminded us, if we needed it, that human activity and waste is having a devastating impact on our oceans and how sea kayakers can see up close and first hand the damage.  On Day 2 we went to St Bees where we had wind and waves at the top of the award remit giving us an exciting day under the 100m high sandstone cliffs.  Overall we had a great breadth of environments and conditions, so thank you to everyone who came to do their courses with us.

Next up we have Sea Kayak Leader assessment at the end of the month, followed by Canoe Leader training in early November.  Space is still available on both events so please get in touch if you are keen on either course.